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Overlanding, layman’s terms, it’s a self-reliant adventure to remote locations, and it is the very journey that is the adventure, not the destination, much like the adage goes.

Overlanding is vehicle-dependent and often involves off-road capable vehicles where one can discover trails and areas rarely seen or have never been explored.

The travelers, otherwise known as overlanders, often enjoy camping for an extended period.

It does involve leaving the crazy madness of day-to-day life and trying to be self-reliant.

Interestingly, Overlanding is an Australian term used to denote cattle-driving across a large piece of land.

Generally overland vehicles are trucks, and 4x4s. Most overlanders require a vehicle that can travel remote trails and have a low probability of getting stuck or breaking down.

Capability and the vehicle’s ability to handle all sorts of terrains is something to keep in mind.

The vehicle should be able to traverse across rocky, muddy, and cross-axle terrains with ease. It should also be able to travel easily across deep water bodies, slopes, etc.

Certain modifications do give an advantage while traveling in certain terrains as well.

One such example is upgrading the suspension lift. This particular upgrade helps gain additional ground clearance (which will come in handy if you are trying to scale across hilly or very rocky terrains).

Another crucial aspect of picking a vehicle is the tires. Switching to an all-terrain or offroad tires will give you improved traction and clearance while being durable against cuts in the sidewall or punctures as well.

The most important aspect is to ensure that your rig will endure the various trials you will encounter. The vehicle must be durable and reliable enough to not break down in the most precarious situations

Making sure to have food, shelter, first aid, vehicle recovery and repair, and communication is vital to safe and fun off-road adventures.

From tow straps, winches, first aid, to roof tents, and everything in between, we’ve seen what works in the toughest conditions, and what doesn’t. BoyersMart is the source for Trail Tested gear from greats like SmittyBilt, Overland Vehicle Systems, and expert advice to get you outfitted and down the road.

We can’t wait to see what adventures our gear helps you embark on. Thanks for your support and happy overlanding!