Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is an angling method that uses a light-weight lure—called an artificial fly—to catch fish. The fly is cast using a fly rod, reel, and specialized weighted line. The light weight requires casting techniques significantly different from other forms of casting. The flies may resemble natural invertebrates, bait-fish, or other food organisms. BoyersMart and the Online Fishing store have teamed up with some of the best suppliers in the industry to bring you the best quality Fly Fishing gear available. With Fly rods, cases, waders and boots, we have you covered from head to toe. We have the line you need whether you are chasing Trout, Steelhead, Shadow Bass, Salmon, Sea trout, or Pike.

"Fly-fishing is the most fun you can have standing up." -Arnold Gingrich, 1969 "When you fish with a flie, if it be possible, let no part of your line touch the water, but your flie only."